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Our Civil Work Range

Hydraulic Structures

Alpha Pacific Systems provides civil engineering services in the field of water resources. We have investigated and supported projects dealing with irrigation canals, liner system design and installation, and ditch management. We have provided construction plans and specifications, bid documents, bid evaluation, and construction management services for many hydraulic structures worldwide. Our experience includes

  • Design of spillways
  • Channel and off-take structure design
  • Water loss calculations
  • Operations and maintenance plans
  • Regulatory assistance

Road Construction

Our road construction services help you to understand the behavior of road materials in relation to expected loads and deterioration mechanisms. We have the experience and expertise to test and assess the performance and durability of road materials and products.

Our Road construction services include:

  • Assessment and improvement of asphalt properties
  • Determination of asphalt component quality and suitability (bitumen, aggregates also secondary)
  • Development of new road products, including rollpave and road materials
  • Assessment of damage to (overheated) asphalt
  • Laboratory testing of bitumen, including composition (PAH and rheology/viscosity)
  • Calculations of the CO2 footprints of semi-heated asphalts
  • Assessment/testing of expansion joints
  • Determination of the maintenance condition of existing roads, drawing up subsequent maintenance/repair plans
  • Service life predictions
  • Controls of road mixture designs and auditing/inspection of road product application

Building Construction

We are the reputed organisation known for adding structure to your real property. Our expertise in the domain is the result of our in-depth knowledge of building infrastructure, effective planning and proficiency of our managers. We have huge set up of technological tools, designing team, labour, and paymaster for the proper execution of the project. Here in, we offer commercial and residential property construction services as per the requirements of the clients keeping their choices and comfort at priority.

Hill Slope & River Bank Protection

We offer a range of services to aid in river bank erosion and Hill Slope Protection, some of the more common include -

  • Engineering support, such as Gabion walls, Nicospan and Piling
  • Support using geomembranes and revetment materials
  • Bioengineering including coir products and brushwood faggots
  • Cleaning of water through low cost methods such as de-silting and cultivation of appropriate species for bioremediation
  • Management of solid waste around the water bodies and catchment areas

We also offer a full consultancy and construction service, which takes all projects from the initial planning and design stages through to the redevelopment and construction phase. All of our methods are approved by the appropriate governing body, which might be the Environmental Agency or another local authority.

Sewage Systems

We are amongst the best companies involved in offering construction service for Sewage system. These are used for building highly reliable in nature. Offered Sewage system are highly appreciated among our clients due to their superior performance and long life.

Bridge Construction

Our firm is offering Bridge Construction Service to our clients. We have undertaken high value projects for bridge construction. We, a bridge construction company, have been able to build value for our clients by executing the projects in record time. Our conscious efforts to achieve excellence are marked by using best quality materials and effective management system.

We offer more possibilities to meet your every need.